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Wildfire Recovery

Nez Perce County Wildfire Recovery

Resources for Landowners

Wait and See – link coming soon

What about the Dead Trees?

Does Salvage Logging Make Things Better or Worse?

Report your natural resource and agricultural losses here:

Wildfire Intake Form – coming soon

Agricultural Producer Addendum – coming soon

Fill out forms and mail, fax or email to us.


Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District
PO Box 131
Culdesac, Idaho 83524

We will be working to find funding to assist landowners with natural resource and agricultural recovery actions. Your information is crucial to help us build funding requests.

Flash Flood Risk: High!

Flood after Fire

Flood Brochure

Flash floods can affect burned land AND land downhill or downstream from burned areas. Stay aware of the weather, especially after heavy rain or rain that lasts for more than ½ hour. A flash flood after a fire carries with it not only water, but also ash, making the flow material extremely dense like liquid cement.

If you think you may have a flood risk due to wildfire, talk to your insurance agent NOW about FEMA National Flood Insurance. Even areas that don’t typically flood are at risk when downhill from burned areas.


Soil Erosion After Wildfire

After the Burn

Landscape Recovery:

Restoring the Land After Fire – coming soon

Fireline Rehab Strategies – coming soon

Reseeding Burned Areas:

2015 Seeding Recommendations for Erosion and Weed Control – coming soon

Fisher Fire Complex Resources:

Fire Assessment Report – requested but no commitment of resources at this time.

Soil Burn Severity Map – coming soon

Clearwater Complex Fire map – 8/27/2015

Links to other Agency Resources:

Under development.

Thanks to the Okanagon Conservation District for allowing us to model our wildfire resource page after theirs and for allowing the use of their technical information.


Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District
27880 Chambers Road
Culdesac, ID 83524

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 131
Culdesac, ID 83524

Contact Us

Phone:  208-843-2931

Fax:  208-843-2234


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