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Watershed Restoration Activities


The District focuses its habitat restoration activities on a watershed level. Lapwai Creek is a priority watershed for restoration with several projects completed and planned for installation. For details see our web page relating to Lapwai Creek.

Additional watersheds where recovery efforts are underway include Big Canyon and Cottonwood Creeks. In addition, the District is involved in the development of watershed restoration plans in the Catholic, Pine, Hatwai, Bedrock and Jacks Creek watersheds.

About Our Salmon Habitat Recovery Efforts

The Nez Perce Conservation District recognizes the importance of addressing salmon habitat restoration in Nez Perce County. Learn more about salmon habitat recovery efforts.

Success Stories

View and download some of the latest success stories for habitat restoration.

Salmon Habitat Restoration Success Stories

Landowner Cost Share Opportunities

Landowners within the Lapwai and Cottonwood Creek watersheds are eligible for cost-share to improve steelhead habitat. Download forms for enrollment in cost-share opportunities. (Coming soon)

Big Canyon Creek Steelhead Habitat Restoration

The District began steelhead habitat restoration activities in this watershed in 1999. The Bonneville Power Administration provided project funding from 1999 to 2009, while the Idaho Governor’s Office of Species Conservation provided funding from 2009 through 2013.

Big Canyon Creek Steelhead Habitat Restoration Page

Lapwai Creek Steelhead Habitat Restoration

The District has been working in the Lapwai Creek watershed since 2002 to restore steelhead habitat. This Bonneville Power Administration funded effort has been successful in treating priority restoration areas.

Lapwai Creek Steelhead Habitat Restoration Page


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