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Weed Mapping

The Nez Perce Conservation District participates in area-wide weed mapping projects. Mapping is critical to identify which invasive weeds are spreading most rapidly before they cause severe economic losses and environmental damage requiring perpetual control over large geographic areas. Specific inventory projects include roadside inventory, orange hawkweed, hybrid knotweed, and rush skeleton weed. In addition, if new invaders are identified during land planning activities, these areas are mapped.

Mapping data is provided to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture for storage in their regional database. This database is accessible by land managers and assists in identifying the general location as well as the extent of noxious weeds.

Craig Mountain Orange Hawkweed Mapping

The hawkweed inventory and mapping project is funded by the Bonneville Power Administration through the Lapwai Creek anadromous fish habitat restoration project and the Idaho Department of Agriculture’s weed program. Annual mapping results are included in this section.

Hybrid Knotweed Mapping

The knotweed inventory and mapping project is 80% completed and focuses on streams within the Lapwai Creek watershed. This inventory effort began in 2005 as part of the steelhead habitat restoration efforts within the basin. Mapping and inventory work was funded through the Bonneville Power Administration’s Restoring Anadromous Fish Habitat in the Lapwai Creek Watershed project (number 2002-070-00). Mapping results are included in this section.

Rush Skeleton Weed Mapping Project

The rush skeleton weed mapping project will begin the summer of 2013. Rush skeleton weed has been identified near the town of Peck, Idaho. The goal of this project is to identify the infestation size and location in order to focus treatment efforts.

Streamside Weed Mapping

The District has been collecting stream inventory data on area streams since 2003. Inventory work has been completed in Lapwai, Catholic, Big Canyon and Cottonwood Creeks. Inventory is on-going in Hatwai, Pine, Bedrock and Lindsay Creeks. One of the components of this inventory is the identification of streamside vegetation. Areas of new invaders are mapped during this process. Once identified, the landowners and local weed professionals are contacted to identify a treatment strategy.

Lapwai and Big Canyon Roadside Weed Inventory

A roadside weed inventory was completed for all roads within the Lapwai and Big Canyon Creek watersheds. This inventory identifies invasive weeds along the road banks. Data is presented in tabular and map format.


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